Electric Love Music Festival

The Westcoast's Best Independent Electronic Music Festival.

Featuring world renowned artists, 4 custom stages, and mesmerizing audiovisual experiences. This four day transformational music & arts festival was ranked as one of BC's Top 5 Electronic Music Festivals. Our picturesque location in Agassiz, British Columbia provides the perfect landscape for all to #danceandbefree

Hip-Hop Showcase

Originating from the inner city neighborhoods in the states, and now a global culture, Hip-Hop provides a voice for everyone who has experienced the struggle, whatever that struggle may be.Turning nothing into something, the pioneers of hip-hop culture defied the odds and created beauty even in the darkest of situations.


Unlike most styles of music, Hip-Hop is not built from traditional instruments. Instead of guitars, drums, or pianos, Hip-Hop was built upon The Voice, The Vinyl Record, The Movement of the Body, and some simple cans of Spray Paint.

Electric Loves Hip-Hop showcase pays tributes to the four elements that built and still sustain the culture: The Emcee, The Deejay, The B-Boy, and The Graffiti Artist.

The Vinyl record serves as the canvas for these Emcee's, Deejay's and Turntablism will be in full effect, with some of the region's finest disc jockeys juggling samples and beats.


For the B-Boys, we will be having a competition between 10 of Vancouver's best break dancers, all competing for a $500 prize. Defying the limits of the bodies movements, this is something you don't want to miss.


To top it all off and to add beauty to our showcase, we also have some of BC and Alberta's most skilled Graffiti artists. Far from Vandals, these guys know how to turn a mundane surface into a masterpiece.


Join us as we celebrate this beautiful culture that has inspired so many of us at our Hip Hop showcase on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and early evening at the Arcade Stage.

Good Night Out Certified


Last Weekend Electric Love Music Festival took the Good Night Out Sexual Assault Prevention Training. Good Night Out is an internationally renowned, UK Based organization that provides training and resources so that all genders, races, and sexualities can have a "Good Night Out" . Their specific goal of "ending harassment in venues, bars, clubs and pubs across the world" is one that we strongly agree with.  Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their own skin which is why Electric Love decided to take this vital training as one of many actions we are taking while pursuing our goal to make Electric Love Music Festival  one of BC's  safest festival environments. We strive to make every single patron feel welcome and this training is a useful foundation for effective prevention, mitigation, and responsiveness to sexual harrassment.  

In addition to the coordinators in the photo, some of our staff joined us remotely through google hangouts. We will be doing another training for the rest of our staff in the coming months.

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Twitter: @GoodNightOutVan

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Contact: Vancouver@goodnightoutcampaign.org

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