Electric Love

Join us July 26-29, 2018 for the fourth Electric Love Music Festival. Featuring World Class DJ's & Live Bands on 5 custom stages with state of the art audiovisual experiences in a family-friendly environment. This four day transformational music & arts festival was ranked as one of BC's 5 Best Electronic Music Festivals by the Georgia Straight in 2017. Our picturesque location in Agassiz, British Columbia provides the perfect setting for all to #danceandbefree. 


Ollie Plé

Ollie Pl is a Vancouver based, Canadian DJ and producer known for his eclectic and energetic driving style. 

Not attached to any genre, in particular he keeps his audience engaged with music that ranges from House, Glitch, DnB, Mash-Up's, Throwbacks, Party Rockers and everything and anything funky! His ability to control the room is similar to that of a heart; pumping out beats that reverberate through the crowd and replenish the energy on the dance floor. 

He keeps bodies moving and is so in tuned with them that you'd swear he was dancing right beside you!