Electric Love

Join us July 26-29, 2018 for the fourth Electric Love Music Festival. Featuring World Class DJ's & Live Bands on 5 custom stages with state of the art audiovisual experiences in a family-friendly environment. This four day transformational music & arts festival was ranked as one of BC's 5 Best Electronic Music Festivals by the Georgia Straight in 2017. Our picturesque location in Agassiz, British Columbia provides the perfect setting for all to #danceandbefree. 

2018 Workshop Schedule

Awareness Dome


Awaken your primal magic - Devaya and Phoenix (lightwalkers.ca)

2.00-3.15pm Friday, July 27


Awaken your primal magic through this exploration of movement, voice, dance, and sacred ceremony. Connect into deepened intimacy with non-verbal embodiment practices to unleash and unify your primal self. Reconnect with your inner animal through your soul’s rhythm. Devaya Corbett is a Shamanic Reiki Master, Transformational Healer, Yoga Teacher, Conduit of the Cosmo’s, and Sacred Performance Artist through dance, flow arts, and music. He is on a passionate pursuit to reclaim the healing powers of sexuality, energy activation, and protecting the sacred. Learn more at thehoophealer.com. Phoenix Muranetz weaves her training in experiential art, Tantra, and metaphysics to gather people in collective invocation ceremonies for personal transformation and global healing through the annual AW Convergence. As a galactic ambassador having performed across Asia and North America, she’s seen firsthand the power of pleasure as a key for the awakening of consciousness. Learn more about her at phoenixmuranetz.com


Gentle yoga - monse' lotecki

12.30-1.45pm Friday, July 27


I will offer to the community a gentle yoga class that is accessible to all levels and includes pranayama, asana, meditation, and yoga Nidra savasana. I enjoy giving my students a feeling of peace and calm that they can take with them out in to their busy lives. I am a 500 hour certified yoga teacher and I teach weekly classes at mountain waters spa in Nelson, BC and a weekly free class at the local women’s centre.





Hoop making - Laura Loops

3.30-5.00pm Friday, July 27


In this workshop we will review the most common tubing and connectors and where to buy them. Hoop sizing will be demystified! We will also learn tape patterns and how to work with diverse types of tapes. Those that want to make a hoop to take with them can bring money to pay for materials and stay for a longer workshop.




Acro yoga love bomb - Summer Ocean & Brian Koteen (http://www.freedomyogis.com). 1.00-2.15pm Saturday, July 28


A beginner friendly acro yoga workshop. We'll provide a basic overview of acro yoga roles and terms, as well as guidance to execute a variety of acro yoga poses safely and mindfully. Too often, the trials of life contribute us being closed off and resistant to love... This Love Bomb workshop aims to help open our hearts, encouraging us to recognize and appreciate our self-worth & unique spark, as well as tap into the infinite resource of pure love within each of us. In addition, participants will receive a small gift, intended to inspire them to continue to drop "Love Bombs" through sharing, connecting, and giving love.



Hula hoop escalators & cartwheels - Laura Loops

2.30-4pm Saturday, July 28  Saturday, July 28


This workshop is easily accessible for the trained and new hooper. Starting with warm up and waist hooping we will then move into the escalator move, wrapping the hoop up and down our bodies. We will finish with 2 types of hoop cartwheels.

Insight Studio


Lucid dreaming - Nat Jack (http://www.lucidf8.com)

3.30-5.00pm Friday, July 27


We facilitate the exploration of the dream state by conversing about the many parallels that the dream world has to offer. We aim to share techniques and knowledge in a fun and relaxed atmosphere that allows you to begin having more vivid and lucid dream states regardless of your current experience.




Atlantean Art Wire Wrapping - The Lost Teachings of Atlantis - Jeremy Gilron

2.00-3.15pm Friday, July 27 


This workshop will be a beginner-intermediate class on wire wrapping and wire weaving. I will bring all the materials needed. Participants can bring a stone or gem of their choice, but I will also provide everyone who attends with a stone to wrap, along with tools and of course, wire! Come join the Lost Teachings of Atlantis!





Ground and centre at Electric Love - Jess Kisby (http://Jesskisby.com)

12.30-1.45pm Saturday, July 28


A workshop that focuses on grounding and centering everyone with simple and effective guided meditations. We all know that travelling to a festival there are many factors that may or may not happen before the festival that may unsettle some. This guided meditation will allow people to feel their feet on the ground while learning simple breathing techniques to bring calmness and inner peace for an awesome outwardly festival experience. Grounding also energizes people, so they are able to dance for a long time and make new friendships, communicate with others and enjoy surroundings.


Sound bath - Doug McLean

2.00-3.30pm Saturday, July 28


Sound healing works with the idea that sound and vibrations can have a profound effect on the subtle body. This workshop starts with a breathing meditation and then moves into a sound bath of resonating frequencies. We will work with a few instruments throughout the soundbath: a very special set of crystal bowls which belong to festival founder MyShell Nukina will be played along with a very rare sound healing instrument called the Kailani. 

The Turntemple


The Turntemple: Turntabling Demonstration and Jam Session - Peter Poole

2-5pm, Thursday-Sunday

(https://www.facebook.com/turntemple/): The Turntemple is a mobile, multi turntable DJ classroom housed inside a 26 foot Uhaul truck. It is a place for DJs to share the art of Turntablism and Vinyl based DJing. Workshops for new DJs, professional development for veteran DJs. Check out the turntable from 2-5pm every day of the festival for a demonstration and jam session.