Electric Love

Join us July 26-29, 2018 for the fourth Electric Love Music Festival. Featuring World Class DJ's & Live Bands on 5 custom stages with state of the art audiovisual experiences in a family-friendly environment. This four day transformational music & arts festival was ranked as one of BC's 5 Best Electronic Music Festivals by the Georgia Straight in 2017. Our picturesque location in Agassiz, British Columbia provides the perfect setting for all to #danceandbefree. 


Electric Love isn't just a music festival and it isn't just a rave: it's a gathering place.

Today we announced the first wave of our incredible music festival coverage: from the wildly varied electronic beats of Pegboard Nerds to the Canadian West Coast legends Swollen Members, there's truly something for everyone.

We worked hard to find DJs, producers and hip-hop acts that will keep fans dancing all night. We  pay homage to our local artists and headliners alike by creating a space where all music can be appreciated, enjoyed and relived again and again in the collective musical memory.

We plan to share these artists with you in several ways: first, by posting their music, videos and photos in the months leading up to the festival. We encourage you to listen to something new that you haven't heard before, and dip into some alternate genres. If you like it, share it with a friend! Whether hip-hop or EDM, rhythms increase our own awareness of self, of identity, and of the world around us.

So get prepared with us! Listen to the artists, stay current on social media for event updates, and start dreaming of your night in the mountains, surrounded by moonlight, trees and thumping bass.

Music is magic, and we can't wait to share the magic of Electric Love with the open hearts and minds of the fans!