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Join us July 26-29, 2018 for the fourth Electric Love Music Festival. Featuring World Class DJ's & Live Bands on 5 custom stages with state of the art audiovisual experiences in a family-friendly environment. This four day transformational music & arts festival was ranked as one of BC's 5 Best Electronic Music Festivals by the Georgia Straight in 2017. Our picturesque location in Agassiz, British Columbia provides the perfect setting for all to #danceandbefree. 

Artist Profile: Evil Ebenezer

We've come to know and love his innovative, emotive verses, and recognize the important place Evil Ebenezer holds in the Vancouver rap scene. While we await his performance on our Arena hip-hop stage, Electric Love's Racquel had the chance to ask Evil for some insights into his craft, his summer and his brand new single.

Electric Love: What’s your favourite part of the summer season?

Evil Ebenezer: I’m up at this gorgeous cabin on the Sunshine Coast right

now, and I’ve been out on the boat the last few nights: pulling up crab

and prawn traps. We went for a beautiful swim at the lake yesterday.

You know, just enjoying the outdoors. You don’t get a lot of

opportunities to do that the rest of the year in Vancouver. So just

enjoying outside, spending time with friends and people you love and

care about.

Electric Love: Where did the inspiration come for your new single,

“Tina Turner”?

Evil Ebenezer: My inspiration usually comes from the beat. So the

producer, Stroker (Deluca), laid down the beat, he just played the

sample, and I was like, “Ok I dig this,” and then you know, your brain

starts moving. I think I wrote a couple lines and did the hook last.

Sometimes I do the hook first, but I think on this one, the verses started

coming together first cause we did the sample and then the drums came

in, so I just kind of started writing. The inspiration, I mean, I never know

where songs are gonna go or how they’re gonna start or whatever, so I

just kind of start and then things begin to snowball and they have a new

life of their own, you know what I mean? I go off on a limb and then just

kind of see what happens. I would almost call it “freestyle” because it’s

off the cuff, it’s in the moment.

Electric Love: If you could do a collab with anyone in the rap game

right now, who would it be?

Evil Ebenezer: I would probably say someone crazy like Kanye West. A

producer—more than a rapper—like Pharrell. Someone crazy who could

make me get outside of my comfort zone and make me do something

nuts. So like Pharrell or Timbaland. People like real producers, not just

beatmakers, but someone who would be have me making music for the

world, not just rap, but more on a grander scale.

Electric Love: We’re excited to have you at Electric Love Music Fest

this year. As far as festivals go, which ones have you performed at

in the past and which one stands out as your favourite?

Evil Ebenezer: I’ve done a couple in the last couple years. I did Midem,

which is one in Cannes, France which I did last winter, and I did

Rifflandia in Victoria last year I believe. What can I say, they were all

good in their own kind of way. They were all kind of big things with lots

of people which is cool, and not to downgrade big festivals, but I’ve had

just as much fun playing in a 100-person venue, do you know what I

mean? Where it’s like intimate… It’s all about the experience and the

people you meet and that kind of leaves you with whatever that

memory  is.

Electric Love: What are you looking most forward to at the Electric

Love Music Festival and are you familiar with some of the other

rappers who are going to be sharing the stage with you?

Evil Ebenezer: Yeah I know a lot of them. Chelsie, who’s the promoter

who booked me, has been a big part of the underground hip-hop

community for a long time now. My homie Prada West is playing, and I’ve

known Swollen Members for years and they’re on there. There’s a

bunch of dudes like J-Dohe and Stroker and other homies there. If you

look at the flyer I know a good majority of them. I think the answer goes

back to what I said: reuniting with people and seeing old friends from

the past, checking out some new peoples’ music, just kind of the

camaraderie that’s there with the people in the community.

Electric Love: What would your advice be to new up-and-coming

rappers who look up to you and your career?

Evil Ebenezer: Be original. Try as hard as you can to not follow any

trends and work on your craft, work on your voice, work on your delivery,

work on your live show. Be nice to people. Don’t be a dick. Shake

peoples’ hands, look them in the eye. Don’t burn bridges, or try not to.

The one guy you piss off tomorrow because you think you’re all that, and

you know you sold a couple mixtapes at your high school and you’re

running hot, and a year later that guy’s a promoter at a club downtown

or he’s a rep for a label, and he’s not gonna give you the time of

day. People’s memories don’t fade so quick. If anything, try to be a good

person and treat people with respect, or at least treat people the way

you want to be treated. I know that’s an old proverb, but I really do

believe in that.

Electric Love: What’s next for you? Any big releases or other big

shows coming up this year?

Evil Ebenezer: I’m playing a show at the London Pub on July 21st. This

fall I’ll be putting out my new solo album called, “All That’s Left,” and it’s

produced entirely by Factor Chandelier, my friend and a producer from

Saskatoon. So in September I’ll be releasing that, and I’ll be doing

more dates touring Western Canada and might go out East and maybe

some States to promote the new album. I’ll probably drop a new single off of it in July or August.

YouTube Video for “Tina Turner”:

Twitter: @EvilEbenezer

Instagram: @evilebenezer

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evilebenezermusic