Electric Love Music Festival

BC's Best Independent All Ages Electronic Music Festival.

Featuring world renowned artists, 4 custom stages, and mesmerizing audiovisual experiences. This four day transformational music & arts festival was ranked as one of BC's Best Electronic Music Festivals. Our picturesque location in Agassiz, British Columbia provides the perfect landscape for all to #danceandbefree

Noble Eightfold Path: Leave No Trace

The spirit of Electric Love Music Festival is one of sustainability - we want to take good care of our natural spaces so we can enjoy them for years to come. A recent trip to Cheam Fishing Village left us both breathless and inspired: not only taken in by the beauty of the surroundings but also inspired to dedicate our time, energy and vision to preserving this amazing space.

Cheam Fishing Village 

Cheam Fishing Village 

To put our words into action, we are committed to the following initiatives:

1. All waste will be separated via landfill, recyclables and compostables, to minimize what we leave behind.

2. All attendees are strongly encouraged to clean up after themselves - what they miss, our crew will take care of.

3. Use of portable ashtrays will ensure no cigarette butts left on the ground.

4. What you bring in, be ready to take out. MOOP, or Matter out of Place such as glitter, paper and camping gear, is expected to leave with you.

5. Maps and line-up will be available online and posted at each stage so no attendees will need to waste paper printing them.