Electric Love

Join us July 26-29, 2018 for the fourth Electric Love Music Festival. Featuring World Class DJ's & Live Bands on 5 custom stages with state of the art audiovisual experiences in a family-friendly environment. This four day transformational music & arts festival was ranked as one of BC's 5 Best Electronic Music Festivals by the Georgia Straight in 2017. Our picturesque location in Agassiz, British Columbia provides the perfect setting for all to #danceandbefree. 


Electric Love Music Festival takes place in a pristine environment of trees, mountains, water and sky; we value the world around us and are in awe of nature's beauty. For this reason we are committed to treating our festival site with care, and to leaving the lush heart of Cheam Fishing Village as beautiful as we find it. Earth Day is a symbol of this kind of awareness, and as such, we'd like to use this day to share our vision with the festival-goer.

Our "Noble Eightfold Path" clearly lays out our mandate to keep the surrounding beauty pristine. 

Leave No Trace: Promote as a LIB event “Leave it Better, Leave it Beautiful” That means encourage attendees to take their trash out when they exit and help leave the venue better than when they arrived. To help avoid a festival where people trash the place and rely on festival staff to pick it up. LIB tries to create awareness and encourage people to take care of the communities that they live in and the planet they live on.

While we look to the present for appreciation of our environment, we also look to the future for innovation. This is the first of many Electric Love Music Festivals and each year we plan to grow bigger, stronger, and more green. We look to other festivals for inspiration: for example Sustainival,  "The world's first green carnival, which is run completely on green energy. Or the award-winning Green Event Services, who recently powered Calgary's Folk Festival by "reducing waste, responsibly recycling discarded materials, and giving back to our local communities." 

So we invite you to grow with us, as we create and sustain a vision of music, beauty, and a positive respect for our environment.