Electric Love

Join us July 26-29, 2018 for the fourth Electric Love Music Festival. Featuring World Class DJ's & Live Bands on 5 custom stages with state of the art audiovisual experiences in a family-friendly environment. This four day transformational music & arts festival was ranked as one of BC's 5 Best Electronic Music Festivals by the Georgia Straight in 2017. Our picturesque location in Agassiz, British Columbia provides the perfect setting for all to #danceandbefree. 


By now you've seen the Electric Love Music Festival stage announcements: four unique spaces, each one designed to attune to the needs and desires of the festival-goer. Check out our stage break-down as we prepare you for a multi-faceted, immersive experience!


Packed with heavy-hitters of the hip-hop world, the Arena features our champions: Swollen Members, Kyprios, Evil Ebenezer and Defenders of the Faith, to name a few. These artists have built the Canadian West Coast hip-hop scene from the ground up and are guaranteed to bring every audience member into a frenzy.


Settle into this creative space and get comfortable: once Mat The Alien, Rachel Sehl, I know Karate and Hertz Donut start making magic, you won't want to leave. This is a special area where the energies of art and music weave a mesmerizing web.


Electric love is all about...well, love, obviously! We want every audience member to feel the incredible influence of sound, and the Love Shack is bursting with talent. We have global headliners who will spark electricity in Cheam Fishing Village, just as they do when they perform at major festivals all around the world. Pegboard Nerds, Astronaut, Dodge and Fuski and Far Too Loud are just the icing on the cake: local acts Myshell, Wes Smith, Ollie Plé and Decibel Empire bring EDM to new and fascinating heights.


Ready for a moment of tranquility? Sometimes in the midst of it all, we need to take a moment to become entranced in the music, the sky, the sheer beauty of life in this universe. The Zen Den features incredible Trance from Blue Lunar Monkey, Goa Pete and a long line of musical greats.

Electric Love Music Festival is about making everyone feel happy and loved - so we have music for every kind of music lover in the EDM and hip-hop worlds. We have legends and prodigies, world sounds and local beats: make sure to follow our ongoing coverage of these artists and familiarize yourself with Electric Love.